Subject Sampler



People experience natural calamities that are not expected to. Many countries and people are trying to make a difference on how to protect, conserve and preserve the natural beauty of this living planet.

One of the natural calamities that we are still encountering until today is the Earthquake. In this scenario, man versus environment equals man is helpless. In this activity, you will be able to find out the signs before an earthquake will happen, and how to deal the earthquake especially if you are in the actual setting.

Engage yourself to the following activities below and learn about earthquake. Find out the signs before it happen and how to deal with it.


Overview about Earthquake

Protecting yourself when earthquake happens


Earthquake is a natural calamity that no one can know how long it will take, how much damage will be affected and how range can it go. This is a calling you as a student to spread the knowledge you gain from this activity. You can start spreading the various ways on how to deal the earthquake in your family, school and community so that everyone will be ready and alert in this catastrophe.

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